HI Kendama is Hawaii’s largest Kendama Company born straight out of the Island of Oahu.10624430_1480609418868566_1572803336_n

In early 2013 the Kendama Craze started to hit Hawaii. Everyone wanted a Kendama! There were a few brands that were coming out of the mainland at the time. However, there was nothing that truly represented the players of Hawaii. The HI Kendama crew decided that we needed to create a kendama that resonated with the Hawaii people. Thus, the HI Kendama brand was born.

We’ve come a long ways since our first Kendama made in early 2013 however, since then weve been super busy!
We now sell our product in over 50 locations across the Islands alone and currently expanding our brand to the US continent and in Japan.

HI Kendama does everything from local contests to International events. Oh and did I mention we were featured on NHK news Japan!

It’s been a fun ride so far and we’re enjoying it every step of the way. We are grateful for everyone that supported our brand from day one! We look forward years with the family and don’t forget…

It’s all about that Dama life!

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